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Who am I?

So, I’ve had this blog for some time but I never introduced myself properly, actually I did but back then my site was in Dutch and I removed that post… Anyways, time for an introduction!

So I am Marnix, a blogger and hobby programmer at age of 16. I program since I was 11, and I was interested in computers since… Forever! I really can’t remember when I started experimenting with what a computer could do… The blogging actually came with it: when I was 14 I started The Marnix 0810 Site (the old Stories 0810) to provide myself a way to make my downloads available for the world. But I don’t really blog much, I have not much spare time and my standards might sometimes be a little high… so I don’t like to post something if it isn’t good enough for me.

I hope in the year 2020, I can be more active on this site.

Okay, I think I have introduced myself a bit, if you have a question about me, just type it in the comments, I might answer it. 🙂

See you next post!

By Marnix B

A dedicated (but buzzy) blogger, open-source-orientated hobby programmer and writer.