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Some changes on the site

Hello dear reader, some time ago I separated Software 0810 from The Marnix 0810 Site, but now that that has worked out good I have made a couple of new major changes:

  • The Marnix 0810 Site has been replaced by Stories 0810, including the web adresses ( became
  • Stories 0810 became more blogging-ish and has its own Facebook page now.
  • The Stories 0810 mobile Android app has stopped support.
  • The CARE4THEWORLD site will soon merge with Stories 0810

These changes have been made so fast that I forgot to keep my readers updated… Sorry for that.

For the people who still used the web site to acces my posts: you can no longer acces my site at the old adress. But you will keep on getting updates the way you did.

Thank you for reading my post, more will come soon. 😉

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