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FNew is being moved from Zeronet to the open internet

FNew, introduced about a week ago (in this post), is already leaving the peer-to-peer network Zeronet. It seems that the users of Zeronet do not like to use the FNew-post-writer (powered by google forms) and people from outside the Zeronet think a network like Zeronet is a little bit scary, understandable of course, I do not fully trust the peer-to-peer system either. Well, now it has moved to Github Pages, you can visit FNew at:

I am sorry to all the people happy for the use of Zeronet… It didn’t work out between FNew and p2p…

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Leuk, hoe je allerlei gratis diensten creatief combineert, zoals github en google forms om zo iets te maken. Je website heb je ook met stukjes SVG gemaakt, wat ik dus al helemaal niet zo goed snap. 🙂

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