Maandelijkse post (monthly post)

(EN) Montly post – June 2019

Marnix, 15 years

Hi, I’m back!

I really don’t know what to talk about, I’m going to give an update on Hackey-AdBlock. My Avast! suddenly went crazy and deleted files that hadn’t been noticed in the last two years by any of the scanners I had. As a result, not so much was damaged (my Download-archives are on a network drive, so Avast! could mark them but couldn’t touch them) but there were some files that I use a lot including part of the system that I use to make the Hackey setups (and those parts I wrote myself so there are absolutely no viruses in them) according to Avast’s logs most of the files have been deleted because of a suspected trojan horse: suspected! The reason for this suspicion was that they are less common files. I sent some of the Hackey-setups that were also marked to the Avast! lab and as a result I got that it was safe… Anyway, I have Avast! Antivirus removed from all my computers, and almost all of the files recovered.

Well, that’s it for this month, I guess… I know it’s not much, sorry…

By Marnix B

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