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Hackey AdBlock doesn’t need Python to be installed on your computer anymore

Hackey-AdBlock now ships a implementable version of Python with it, this has some avantages.

I am glad to announce that Hackey-AdBlock finally has Python implemented inside it. In an update I released today a new SFX is added: python-sfx.7z.exe, this SFX executable contains a implementable version of Python, which is downloaded from here, the implementation means Python is not necessary to install besides Hackey. I also announced this in the changelog:

Like I mention in the changelog, it is still recommended to have Python installed on your computer, whenever this changes, I think I will post it on Stories 0810. This is because Python has two editions: 86-bit and 86-64-bit (or 32 bit and 64 bit)

86 (or 32) bit is slower and is less advanced.

86-64 (or 64) bit is faster and is able to use more of the processor power, although is not supported by older (currently most) processors.

The version implemented in Hackey is the most compatible (86 bit) version, this means that on newer processors this version will run at half the maximum speed, and so slow down your computer. I am working on this.

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