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Hackey AdBlock still depends too much on Internet Explorer

I disabled Internet Explorer on my computer (if you want to know how, [Control Center > Programs > Disable or enable programs], I don’t know, I just typed what I thought it was… but install Firefox before uninstalling IE!) and after that, links in Hackey don’t work no more, so you can’t click on the link to go to the download page when an update is available. This was very concerning for me since I think Microsoft is going to shut down Internet Explorer for everyone using Windows 10 (The only OS currently supported by Hackey AdBlock) so I am going to release some updates for Hackey, but it will probably take some time before everything is ready for a life without IE… 🙂 I always thought I moved on… Guess I didn’t. I will replace the link in the update screen first, in version 1/2019-05-04 16:11:56,39.

Changelog for version 1/2019-05-04 16:11:56,39:

changelog for version 1/2019-05-04 16:11:56,39:

– Removed the need of Internet Explorer for the update screen, I will do this more in future. Because I want to be independent from Internet Explorer (although I use MSHTA which is based partially on IE, by IE I mean the browser, not the HTA engine in it which will probably continue support.)

So that is a start, now I must figure out how to do the rest of Hackey … By the way, Hackey still won’t be a threat to your computer, only my concern is that I won’t get it to work anymore once IE is disabled so I am updating you that this will be a part of the coming Hackey-updates and one more reason to have no time to write…

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